Stellenbosch Botanical Gardens receive BGCI accreditation certificate.

Botanic Gardens Conservation International (BGCI), internationally known for its efforts in securing plant diversity for the well-being of people and the planet, has accredited the Stellenbosch University (SU) Botanical Garden – only the *second botanic garden in Africa and the first in South Africa to receive this honour.

To date (5 June 2018) there are nine** botanical gardens with accreditation.

BGCI Accreditation recognises achievements in plant conservation with institutions carrying out a range of conservation-related policies, practices and activities.

Accreditation can result in tangible benefits for participating gardens – such as recognition, peer review, creating standards for excellence, and funding –  and will act as a motivator for botanic garden leadership. 

In congratulating SU in receiving the accreditation,  Dr Paul P. Smith, Secretary General of the BGCI based in the UK, said that the SU Botanical Garden is very special due to it being the only university-managed botanic garden in the Cape Floristic Region. “With dozens of threatened plant species only represented in your collection and in no other collections globally, the SU Botanical Garden is of critical importance for global research and conservation efforts. We have also seen large increases in requests from your collection from other institutions since you have started sharing your collections data with our global PlantSearch database in 2014."

He added that with various well-regarded academics and research groups within SU, the SU Botanical Garden provides the “perfect platform" from which to build international partnerships and drive various research and conservation projects. “Besides the collections, the expertise that has been built up in your Botanical Garden and University has a huge role to play in helping build capacity in other botanic gardens not only in your region but also on the rest of the continent.

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