Barbara Knox-Shaw's Garden

30/07/2014 by

This article details a visit done by the Stellenbosch Horticultural Society to the wonderful garden of Barbara Knox-Shaw called Freshwoods, near Elgin in the Western Cape.

Freshwoods is a regular garden open for the Elgin Open Gardens - in fact the owner Barbara Knox-Shaw has been organising the event for many years.

Her garden at Freshwoods is a year-round treasure trove of flowers, trees and unusual plants. Every time I visit this magical place, there is something new to discover. I have been here countless times, at different times of the year, and it never ceases to amaze and inspire me.

Mature trees, with crab apples, many acers, a bamboo forest and thousands of spring bulbs. From the giant pin oak, to 2 tiny ‘bonsai trees’ growing on a rock shelf behind the house, there is plenty to see!

This garden is open to the public during the Elgin Open Gardens in November. (See our EVENTS page)